Monday, December 27, 2010

Maternity Leave??

 In the beginning of my pregnancy, my boss and I briefly spoke about my maternity leave.  The conversation originally came up because I was so sick in the beginning of my pregnancy - I was coming in late and missing days.  I felt so bad, I started thinking that I should start using my FMLA early.  I just didn't want to seem as if I was taking advantage. However, my boss assured me that he understood what was going on and just asked me to stay in communication with him.  Luckily, I was able to do some work from home so that's what I did on some days.

Now, my due date is about 10 weeks away, so I need to discuss with my boss my plans for my maternity leave.  Him and I are scheduled to meet tomorrow morning to discuss it.  Many people have asked me about my company's maternity leave policy. Hm..... we dont have one.  The only thing that we have is FML (family and medical leave), in which I am entitled to 12 weeks unpaid. The United States nor Florida mandates anything else as far as maternity leave is concerned.

Hmm... seems like I may be living in the wrong country! LOL :) However,hubby and I have been saving up so we are able to cover bills and such while I am out.  I would really like to stay home for about a year or so, but that is hardly realistic. 

And I would really like to keep my job so I wont want to make any outrageous requests tomorrow. LOL :/

I know for sure my boss is planning to hire a temp, so I just need to let him know how long I plan to be out.  To prepare, I have been making lists/plans for my temp to follow. Each day, I add things to the list so that when the temp comes in, training will be smooth and he/she will be ok once I leave.  In addition, I dont plan to be completely disconnected from work. I will be totally accessible to the temp so that he/she can contact me in case he/she has any questions. I will also be logging in to check work emails so that I am not completely out of the loop.

 I still don't know exactly how long I will be out. I plan to begin my leave on Feb 21st (due date is March 9th) and I am thinking that I will return to work probably in the 1st week of July. So thats a little over four months.

Hubby will also be taking leave.  Of course he wont schedule anything now, but his leave will begin as soon as I go into labor and he will probably take two weeks off in the beginning.

When did you begin your maternity leave? How long were you out? What did they offer at your company? What advice can you give me?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Does Your Baby Keep You Up At Night?

Sooo, I suck @ constantly updating my blog, but I wont beat myself up for it! LOL :)

I will be 27 weeks pregnant on Wednesday and I must say that time is really flying. I am so anxious to meet Lil' Eazy, yet I want alot more time! Here are a few more pics:

22 weeks, 6 days

25 weeks, 1 day - Thanksgiving Day

I have been feeling so much better. Nausea and vomitting is definitely a thing of the past! However, I have been having some pelvic pain. I feel it sometimes whenever I get up from a seating or laying position. I also feel it after walking the mall or the airport. It's also pretty prevalent when I change positions at night. I am however grateful for the improvements and new experiences :)

I've had some people tell me that while they were pregnant, their baby's movements/kicks kept them up at night.  I wondered if this would happen to me.  So far, Lil' Eazy hasnt been keeping me up - but I do feel him before I fall asleep and once I wake up. So, I wondered if he slept when mommy slept and woke up when mommy woke up.

But this morning Hubby told me that in the middle of the night he felt Lil' Eazy moving while I was sleeping and snoring (lol, thats another thing - he said I've been snoring quite often since I've been pregnant).  However, I wasnt awake when Hubby and Lil' Eazy were.  Hubby mentioned that he stayed up for a lil while feeling him move. So either the kicks aren't that hard or I have just been sleeping very deeply, or both. It made me smile though that "father and son" had some bonding time in the middle of the night! :)

Does/Did your baby keep you up at night? Did you snore during pregnancy? (LOL)

P.S. I have a few blog drafts that Im working on, so I hope to be updating again soon.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Baby Names?!?!

Hello My Loves! :)

I just wanted to update you guys. In my last post I mentioned that we'd find out the sex of our baby and a few weeks ago we found out that....

I didnt really have a preference, but hubby wanted a boy so, he is on top of the world and of course I am happy too! :)

It's funny because when we got married, even before marriage, we talked about baby names. There weren't too many that we agreed on, but we had a few. Now that its a reality, its even harder to agree on names. Lol. For me its sort of like, this is someone's name that they have to carry for the rest of their lives and I really dont want to screw this up.

One thing we have agreed on is the fact that we want him to have hubby's initials which are E.A.G. So, Ive been researching "E" names, but we still havent come to an agreement. I know we have a few months and I'm sure we will decide on something, but right now, we have NOTHING! Well I mean there are names that I like that hubby is iffy about and there are names that he likes that I am iffy about. For now, I refer to him as Lil' Eazy (hubby's nick name is Eazy).

Have any baby name suggestions for us? How did you narrow down your baby name search?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nearly 20 Weeks! :)

Hello My Loves,

I have been so horrible with updating this blog, but I have already forgiven myself.. So I hope you will too! :) LOL. With my level of energy and with so much going on, blogging doesnt always seem to be at the top of my priority list. I am sure some of you can understand that! Danielle from Ok, Dani has been reminding me to update - Thanks Dani! :)

I just wanted to share with you some pics that I've taken over the past few weeks!

14 wks, 6 days

16 wks, 4 days

17 wks, 3 days

17 wks

18 wks, 6 days
I am still in total shock and awe that I am pregnant and that a life that hubby and I (well God) created is growing inside of me. I havent been out of the woods completely as far pregnancy symptoms, but I have definitely improved! Remember us in your prayers and I remember you in mine!

Quick question: Do you remember when you first started feeling your baby move? What did it feel like? I have had some movements that are kind of subtle, but I'm pretty sure its my little bean.

Btw, we find out the sex of our baby tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

14 weeks! :)

Hello Everyone! :)

I am 14 weeks pregnant this week - thank God! :) I am very grateful to have made it to my 2nd trimester. Lets see what our lil one is up to this week:
Your baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly suck his thumb! Thanks to brain impulses, his facial muscles are getting a workout as his tiny features form one expression after another. His kidneys are producing urine, which he releases into the amniotic fluid around him — a process he'll keep up until birth. He can grasp, too, and if you're having an ultrasound now, you may even catch him sucking his thumb.
Here's what our lil green bean may look like this week:
How Far Along? 14 weeks

Symptoms: Nausea, cramps in my calves, enlarged breasts (I have gone up a cup size), HUNGER

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 6 lbs (according to the scale at work) - eeeek! Still trying to grasp this weight gain thing!

Sleep: has been pretty ok. I haven't had many issues except for the occasional waking up because of gas or nausea, but I usually fall right back asleep. I have been sleeping in every single morning though! Oh and I noticed that I have been sleeping on my back alot - I know I will have to stop that soon.

Food Cravings: Still nothing really Well nothing consistently. I am always hungry, but usually just eat what's available (despite the nausea).

Best Moment This Week: Well it wasn't this week, but about 2 weeks ago we went in to the do the test for down syndrome, spina bifida and heart defects. We had an ultrasound done and it was soooo awesome. Tears came to my eyes. It was at that moment, reality hit, like omg - there is really a baby in there! It was amazing and I thanked God for his amazing creation! We saw the baby moving and its arms we crossed and all. It was sooooo cute! Oh and with the test - so far so good. We will do the second part of the test next week!

Movement: Aint nothing but gas! LOL

Labor Signs: Yeah, uh, as excited as we are to meet this bundle, that's not happening anytime soon!

Gender: I am still totally unsure! Hubby is rooting for a boy though!

Belly Button In Or Out? Innie!

What I Miss: My waistline! LOL Having a normal appetite and just being myself

What I Am Looking Forward To: My next ultrasound. I believe that's when we will find out the sex of our lil one.

Milestones: Making it to the 2nd trimester!

Weekly Wisdom: Save money! There will be alot of expenses once the baby comes along (and even before, if your insurance doesn't cover certain things). You will want to have a little cushion in the bank.

What do you remember from your 14th week?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm Not Myself & Whose Body Is This?

Hellllo Everyone!!

I know, I know. It has been like 5 weeks since I last updated and I sincerely apologize. I definitely have not been myself as of late and alot of things have taken a seat on the back burner - including blogging. I have even gone weeks at a time without even logging in to catch up on everyone else's blog.

Nevertheless, I wanted to give you guys a quick update of whats been going on with me! Today marks the end of my 12th week of my pregnancy! We have definitely come a long way. The last time I updated, I told you about the nausea, etc. Well that is still going on. But, I must say that I do have some periods of relief, whereas in the past few weeks it has been an all day thing. Also, I haven't thrown up in like 10 days (whooo hoo! That is a milestone for me!)

We have gotten to hear the green bean's heart twice already. I had an ultrasound done at about 8 weeks because my uterus appeared to be large. We found out that I do have little uterine fibroids, which shouldn't pose a problem, but they will be monitoring it. Then I heard our bean's heartbeat at my last OB appt when I was 10 weeks pregnant. So far so good! :)

I just cant wait to get back to my old self....

...I haven't been cooking, I haven't been cleaning, I haven't been grocery shopping. Well I haven't been doing these things as much as I should and want to. Thankfully, my hubby pitches in alot where I have been lacking. He's been a good housewife! :) However, he is rather busy with work and school... so I need to get on the ball ASAP! I am so grateful for him - he has been SO patient with me!

...I couldn't tell you when was the last time I made it to work on time (I thank God for such an understanding boss and supportive coworkers). There have actually been days where I couldn't make it in, but thankfully I can do some work from home.

... I have been rescheduling my hair appointments. I should have gotten my hair done last week Wednesday. But I'll continue having not-so-good hair days until I feel well enough to sit in a salon for hours. Right now, after work - the only thing I was is my bed and that's exactly what has been happening.

My Body...

... is not my own! LOL. First of all, whose breasts are these? My breasts have definitely increased in size over the last few weeks and my body looks totally different to me. It is definitely interesting to see the transformation. And of course, my tummy is starting to getting a little more round and pudgy. In any other instance I would be totally devastated, but I am happy, blessed and grateful that through all these changes - our baby is thriving, surviving and now moving!! :) (so I've read)

I will need to start shopping real soon. I hope I start to feel up to it!

I hope to update more often than every 5 weeks! According to my research (and what people have told me), these symptoms should start to fade away soon. Praying for the best! :) Belly pics soon to come!

Looking forward to reading your tips and advice! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

7 Week Survey (Sorry I've Been MIA)

Hello Everyone! I am sooo sorry that I havent posted in a while, but I'm back and hope that I can remain consistent! :) Thanks so much for all of your wonderful comments, well wishes and congratulations on my last post! A big thanks to Mrs. V who kept coming back to check up on me. I appreciate the love and I have been reading your posts and am sooo happy about your progress!! :)

Hubby took a pic of me on Saturday morning and I wanted to share it with you on this post, but we are having issues with our computer. I mean, not that there was much to see, lol, but I do want to share my weekly progress! Hopefully I can get that up soon! But here's something in the mean while... LOL

Anyway, here's my first survey!

How Far Along? 7 weeks, 1 day

Symptoms: Sore boobies, nausea, vomitting, lack of appetite

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Well I havent been back to the doctor since my first visit (I am going tomorrow), but according to other scales Ive been on it seems that I am about the same weight.

Sleep: has been pretty good at night. I havent had many issues except for the occasional waking up because of gas or nausea, but I usually fall right back asleep. I also have been napping at my car at lunch, but I did that before I was preg.... soooo! LOL

Food Cravings: OMG nothing! Food is sooo unappealing to me at this moment! Typing this makes me a little woozy LOL.

Best Moment This Week: Hubby texting me to tell me he had a dream that I the baby and "she was a beautiful baby girl". I asked who she looked like and he said "She looked like you. I said she was beautiful didn't I??"

Another great moment was making it to work on time today! Whewww, it has been a struggle with me this week feeling sick and getting back in bed each morning!

Movement: Aint nothing but gas! LOL

Labor Signs: Yeah, uh, as excited as we are to meet this bundle, that's not happening anytime soon!

Gender: I am totally unsure! Hubby is rooting for a boy though!

Belly Button In Or Out? Innie!

What I Miss: Being able to eat like a normal person. Sigh :(

What I Am Looking Forward To: My first OB appt tomorrow! Prayerfully everything is ok! :)

Milestones: Getting out of bed fine this morning and making it to work on time! Although I did vomit before I left the house, I am still grateful for the progress! Let's hope things improve from here on out.

Weekly Wisdom: Try to eat even if you arent hungry or feeling nauseous! (I am about to take heed to this right now!)

Is there anything that you can share with me from when you were at this stage in your pregnancy?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

AF Did NOT Ruin My Bday, But I Have Even Better News!!!

Just to refresh your memory (and for those of you who dont know), hubby and I have been married for a year and almost three months. I believe from the time that we got married, we wanted to have kids, but at the same time we wanted to enjoy time with just us! Also, my dance group had its 10th anniversary concert on June 19, 2010 and I wanted to be able to participate in that - so I didnt want to get pregnant before then.

Now, I have been doing lots of research on TTC (trying to conceive) because I wanted to be prepared as soon as we were "ready". So on my last cycle, I started charting my temperatures and using OPKs - just to get an idea of my "fertile times". I didnt want to get pregnant just yet!

Fast forward to my next cycle which began on June 2nd. I continued to chart my temps and use OPKs. I felt as if it may take some time for me to get used to my cycle and pinpoint my ovulation and "fertile times".

Anyway, if my calculations are correct, I ovulated on June 19th (the day of the concert).  Hubby and I had sex several times that week and I prayed that we got the timing right.  Despite my hopes and prayers, I thought that there was no way we would conceive right away.

Now, Monday June 28th (Day 27 of my cycle) I had cramps and just assumed that it may have been pre-menstrual cramps. I even grabbed a few pads from my drawer so that I'd be prepared. I mean, I hoped that it was early pregnancy cramps, but come on, what are the chances? I thought to myself that I'd take a pregnancy test on July 4th (my birthday - CD 32) if my period didnt come, but I also was iffy about that because I didnt want to be disappointed on my birthday (if it was negative).

So, Tuesday, I came home from work and started to get ready for the gym (Btw, I just reinstated my gym membership on Monday, so that I could whip my body back into shape before I got pregnant). While getting ready, something said - go take a pregnancy test. I mean it was a spur of the moment thing, I hadnt thought about it all day. So I figured, hey, what do I have to lose? Its probably too early test anyway.

I had a few of those test strips ( where one line means negative - two lines mean positive) and performed the test.  I left the bathroom and kinda forgot about it as I went to put on my gym clothes. I came back to the bathroom and OH EM GEE... there was a FAINT second line. I, no lie, stood there and stared at the strip for a good three minutes without moving. I was like nahhhh, this is WRONG, this cant be right!

I went to the gym and went to the hip hop dance class. I didnt say anything to anyone - not even hubby. I was kind of doubting.  I finished the class, left the gym and went to my friend's house to get ready because we were going to see Eclipse. Honestly, I couldn't focus on anything besides what MAY be happening in my body! So, we went to the movies and I should have known something was up because I ALWAYS eat popcorn and skittles at the movies and even though my friend had some, I didnt touch it. I didnt desire it at all!

I got back to my friend's house around 2 am, but I just needed to get another pregnancy test. Hubby was at home asleep with our god daughter, so I knew he wouldnt notice if I came home a little later than if I would have come straight home. So, I went to Wal-Mart and the first thing I did was go to the baby section, then I went to get a pregnancy test.

I came home and went to sleep after 3 am.  Hubby usually wakes up around 7 am to go to school, so I wanted to wake up before that to take the test. So, I woke up before 7 and went to take a the test I purchased a few hours prior.  It was the clear blue easy digital test and in about 30 seconds this is what I saw:

I ran out of the bathroom and grabbed the gift bag that I purchased from Walmart and this:

Lol, can you believe it was the ONLY thing that Wal-Mart had that said "Daddy". So I wrapped up the pregnancy test in the onesie, but it in the gift bag and got back in bed with hubby and my god daughter.

Me: What time are you waking up?

Hubby: 7:15

Me: Well I think you should wake up now. I have something for you!

Hubby had the most confused look on his face! lol I handed him the bag

Me: There are two things in the bag, make sure you take out both

The first thing he took out was the onsie and his big smile started to appear.

Me: There's something else in the bag.

Hubby: (with the HUGEST smile on his face) Whats in the bag?? (It was as if he was scared to look).

He took the pregnancy test out and tears immediately started flowing from his eyes as he climbed on top of me and hugged me. He stayed there for a while and sobbed. By this time, our 11 month old god daughter was awake - still laying down, but looking around like "What is going on?"

This is her playing with hubby's new "gift":


After that, we just sat and enjoyed each other's company and talked about our future. I must honestly say that I was still doubting. I said to hubby "What if they're wrong? Should I take another one?" LOL. I was just so in shock!

There is so much more that I want to talk about, but this post is long enough! I will update you guys with other posts later. So for all of you would wondered if AF ruined my birthday (thanks for checking on me btw! ) - the answer is NO! :) I got the BEST birthday gift ever!!!

I am SO grateful to God, but that's another post all in itself!!! :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

You're Going Places Award! :)

I am pretty new the blogging world and I must say that I have come across some interesting blogs. The blogging world is like a universe of its own. A universe I never really knew existed!

I see many blog awards being circulated and I am happy to receive my first blog award! A special thanks goes out to my new blogging friend Mrs.V @ Becoming A Family Of Three who passed this award on to me!

I received the award a few days ago, but I have been so busy and so much has happened (we'll talk about that in another post), so I am just getting a chance to respond.

Anyway, this award requires the winner to write where she sees herself in ten years from now.

Lol, this reminds me of a question that they ask in interviews (or that I may have asked in interviewing a candidate).

In ten years:
  • I see myself as a WONDERFUL mother of (at least) two working hard to give them the best life possible!
  •  I see myself as a dedicated wife, working hard on my marriage, but continuing to have a wonderful relationship with my hubby!
  • I see us living in our dream home. or making steps toward it!
  • I envision myself, back in school working on my doctorate.
  •  I also foresee myself continuing to be heavily involved in church and possibly being the head of some ministry (dance, music, etc.). 
  • Finally, I see myself having a better and closer relationship with my Heavenly Father with whom I trust with my life - completely and full!
I would like to pass this award on to the lovely ladies that run these blogs:
  1. The 2 Week Wait
  2. Misconceptions About Conception
  3. Waiting For That Special Little Miracle
Thanks again Mrs. V! :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Birthday's On Independence Day! Will AF Ruin It?

I was inspired to write this post for two reasons:
  1. I'm praying that AF (Aunt Flo) will not show up on or before my birthday!
  2. Jen @ The Baby Making Machine had a few concerns about her daughter being born on July 4th.

Now if this is not "our month" and AF comes on time, it is likely that it'll come on or around my birthday. I am praying that if it's coming, it stays away until at least July 5th. Oh no, maybe July 6th, lol because I'm off on the 5th and want to enjoy my day off! AF coming on my birthday would mean a yucky, crampy day and also NO BIRTHDAY SEX! Lol :) Yeah, I know I wont be nearing ovulation then, but I'd like to make sure I have some fun with hubby anyway!

Now I've always loved the fact that my birthday was on Independence Day.  I always get a "WOW" reaction when I tell people that I was born on July 4th. I also used to like think that there was such a huge celebration on MY birthday! I remember as a child saying "They're doing fireworks for me!!" :) Also, Ive never had to work or go to school on my birthday. Plus NO ONE forgets when my birthday is. It has just always felt like a great day to have a birthday!

In reading Jen's blog, she mentioned that she may have to induce labor on July 3rd. She also tweeted:

I responded to her saying many of the things I said earlier.

So I just want to encourage her that the day that Lil' J is born will be perfect (Im sure she knows that already)! And prayerfully Lil J and I will be able to share a birthday! :)

I hope that you all have enjoyed your weekend thus far!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Saliva Can Kill Sperm?! Say What?!

Soooooo. I came across a something on the Internet last week or so that said that "saliva can kill sperm". WHAT?! Are you serious?! (That was my reaction)  At that moment I didn't have time to do more research on it, but later on I did. Sometimes I swear the Internet is the devil, LOL, so tempting yet so confusing. In my research, I found a few different things.  I guess that's what we can expect on the Internet because there are so many different resources and so many different interpretations.  In addition, there is ongoing scientific research and new findings - constantly!

Now Hubby and I don't use any type of artificial lubrication such as KY-Jelly or Pre-Seed. We use NATURAL lubrication and/or SALIVA - go figure!

So, I just wanted to share with you some of the things that I have found: 
It's true that saliva contains bacteria that could contaminate an ejaculate, but if you go down on your wife before penetration, I doubt there would be enough saliva on the head of your penis to interfere with conception.
Ok whew! I don't think I can deal with him not going down on me. LOL! :)
There have been many studies done on what influences sperm survival. And most studies show that saliva can have a negative effect on sperm. If he has enough sperms then it's unlikely to make a major difference, but if he has a low sperm count then you need every single sperm.
Well, we don't know if hubby has a low sperm count, but I'm trusting God that he doesn't! 
Saliva has digestive enzymes in it that stop sperm from swimming on contact—not so good if you want them to reach the egg!
Ehhhh. Ok. I guess.

My take on it: I figure that one single ejaculate contains millions of sperm and we need just ONE of those to fertilize my egg. I don't plan on stopping my normal course of activity in fear of killing my husband's sperm. I mean... would you?!

So have you heard or read about this before? What are your thoughts? I'm dying to know! LOL

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LOQ - Left Over Queen

On my first date with hubby, I remember telling him that I'm a cheap date. I simply meant that you can take me on a date and share a plate with me and I'd be fine - I dont eat that much! Also, I'm not the type to order the most expensive thing on the menu. That hasnt changed! :)

A habit that I have developed over the years is to eat small meals and snacks and through out the day.  I believe that is very important important in maintaining one's weight - especially for someone like me who goes through periods of time where I get too lazy busy to work out. LOL hmph!

Now, when I go out to eat I ALWAYS have leftovers. I just dont eat that much! I went to Bahama Breeze this weekend with a few friends. Now would you believe I got FOUR MEALS out of that one meal that I ordered at Bahama Breeze? I just finished it today! Lol, some people look at me wierd when I tell them stuff like this. I love it b/c I still get to eat what I want (I just have to make sure I watch my proportions) and I get to stretch my money!

Now, I really hope that whenever God blesses me with a a child that I can keep up these keep eating habits during pregnancy. Lol, what do you think?

I have this great fear of not being able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, so I'm praying that I will be able to stick to some of the habits that I've had for a while - if not all!

P.S. I sometimes even eat my boss's leftovers because he doesnt eat leftovers. Like buddy - you're missing out. LOL

What kind of eating habits did you have during pregnancy? How do you feel about leftovers? Lol

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Going Decaf? Hmph!

For those of you who know me, you know that I am a night owl and that I also work in Human Resources for a Dunkin Donut Franchise.

                                   Night Owling = Sleepy mornings/day

                                   Dunkin Donut Job = Easy access to coffee

I must say though, that I am not a regular coffee drinker. I mean, the ladies in my office MUST have their coffee every morning OR ELSE! LOL

I am not like that. I drink coffee maybe once a week - if that. I don't even think that the coffee helps me to stay awake, I think its just a mind thing. LOL, but I do like the flavor/taste of coffee. Now for the past few days I have been feeling EXTREMELY tired and wanted to have some coffee (that's my mind playing tricks me, making me think that it will help), but I was able to make it through the day without it!

Today, once again, I woke up feeling like I wanted to have some coffee. Like, is it because I decided that I was going to cut back on caffeine that I'm getting these strong urges? Lol the mind and body are 2 weird (yet amazing) things!

In doing my pre-pregnancy research this is one of the things that I found on a pre-pregnancy checklist:
Cut back on caffeine. Limit the coffee you drink to no more than one 12-ounce cup of coffee each day. Remember, the amount of caffeine in coffee varies, depending upon the type of coffee, how it is prepared, and the amount of coffee used. Caffeine can also be found in soft drinks, medications and other foods. Try coffees and teas that are decaffeinated, or drink water, milk or juice. Be sure to read labels on food, drinks and medicine to know how much caffeine you're getting.
As if I don't check labels enough already! Lol I am a calorie counter/checker by nature. So although I don't drink coffee that much, I have decided to cut caffeinated coffee out and stick to decaf for now. So this morning on the way to work, to quench my coffee craving - I stopped to get a decaf cup.  I didn't get this reaction though! LOL (see pic below)

Have any of you considered this? What are your thoughts on cutting out certain things even before you become pregnant?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How Many Kids Do You Want?

I think this is a very common question! I know that I've asked it plenty of times and many people have asked me this question plenty of times as well.  Obviously, hubby and I have discussed it.

..... hmmm

So... I want 2 kids and he.....

..... Uh.. Lol, he wants FOUR!

Now clearly we have a problem. I guess we could compromise and have 3, but neither are too fond of the idea of having an odd number of children. Lol, wierd huh?

Well here's my argument:
  1. We're both already 25. When will we have 4 kids? Its like I'd have to be pregnant every other year for the next 10 years in order to have all of our kids before I'm 35. This might work if I'm able to stay home and not work for the next 10 years ( which we'll discuss later), but how likely is that?
  2. I want my children to have more than I did and be better off that I was. If we have 4, we wont be able to dedicate as much time as we'd like to to each child and there will be certain things that we'll have to sit out of because we cant afford it because we have a tribe! LOL
I mean, I could go on for days about why I think "less is more" in this situation, but honestly none of us can predict the future. I definitely dont know what's going to happen. I will be eternally grateful for whatever God blesses me with. So if its 4 kids - I am ready for that challenge!

Hubby and I have had plenty of debates about this, but I dont think its worth arguing over, because whats meant to be will be and Im excited to see what it will be! ;) (even if its an odd number, lol)

Now how many kids do you think hubby would want if he had to carry them AND go through labor? LOL

What are your thoughts? How many children do you plan on having? Have plans changed over time? Spill the beans!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Ready" Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Me: Ready for babies?
Hubby: I'm ready! U?
Me: Sometimes I think I am! But sometimes I dunno. Right now feel like I am.
Hubby: Why don't you know?
Me: I dunno. Lol you ever feel unsure, but sure at the same time?
Hubby: Yep. Its the excitement of the possibility, but the fear of what it means. But I don't feel unsure.

Hubby's response led me to feel a little more confident about the decision that we have made to start a family.  I have heard many people say that they are going to wait until they are "ready" to have children or make some other life changing decisions. I am a planner so I do agree that you do have to make certain preparations, but waiting until you feel COMPLETELY ready may mean that you'll spend your whole life preparing, but never get to fulfil certain dreams that you may have. Make sense? defines ready as "completely prepared or in fit condition for immediate action or use".

I mean are we completely prepared? Who can answer that? I guess we can.

Are we in fit condition for immediate action or use? I believe so.

So even though we may not have our dream house yet or may not have saved as much as we wanted to, I think we're ready!

Well we believe we are - let's see what God has planned!