Friday, July 8, 2011

My First Week Back At Work Was….

Not what I expected!

It was….

…..Plain Awesome!

I felt welcomed by my co-workers and even people who I just passed in the hallways.

I was greeted by my co-worker with flowers and chocolate.

In the bathroom, one lady even said to me, “We missed your singing”. (She was not a co-worker btw)

My boss took me out to lunch on my first day back.

My birthday was on July 4th, so in addition to being “welcome back” gestures, the flowers, chocolate and lunch were birthday gifts too!

Leaving Ezaias was hard, but I was able to handle it!

What helped is the fact that I don’t take him to the sitter, daddy does.

So I leave him home with daddy each morning.

I also mentally prepared myself for my return.

Reading “Milk Memos” helped as well! (Read it! It's great for all you moms and future moms who will return to work soon - or not so soon)

Waking up at 6:30 (to make it to work by 8 am) was not bad either.

Before Ezaias, I worked at 9:30 am. So it has been an adjustment.

I have been able to pump twice a day and while it seems a little inconvenient, it’s all worth it! (Medela Pump In Style Pump Rocks!!)

Ezaias is completely comfortable with his sitter and when I pick him up at the end of the day, he has the biggest smile on this face.

He and the sitter have a great relationship already!

I didn’t feel guilty for leaving him, rather I felt great about being able to help provide for him and make a great life for him!

I missed him like crazy, but thinking about him gave me great motivation to excel in all my tasks/responsibilities so that I make sure my boss never wants to let go of me so I can continue to provide for Ezaias!

This week has gone by pretty smoothly (and fast too) and I am really grateful for that!

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice and words of encouragement before my return to work and during this week!!


Please share with me some positive things you remember about your return to work.