Monday, November 1, 2010

Baby Names?!?!

Hello My Loves! :)

I just wanted to update you guys. In my last post I mentioned that we'd find out the sex of our baby and a few weeks ago we found out that....

I didnt really have a preference, but hubby wanted a boy so, he is on top of the world and of course I am happy too! :)

It's funny because when we got married, even before marriage, we talked about baby names. There weren't too many that we agreed on, but we had a few. Now that its a reality, its even harder to agree on names. Lol. For me its sort of like, this is someone's name that they have to carry for the rest of their lives and I really dont want to screw this up.

One thing we have agreed on is the fact that we want him to have hubby's initials which are E.A.G. So, Ive been researching "E" names, but we still havent come to an agreement. I know we have a few months and I'm sure we will decide on something, but right now, we have NOTHING! Well I mean there are names that I like that hubby is iffy about and there are names that he likes that I am iffy about. For now, I refer to him as Lil' Eazy (hubby's nick name is Eazy).

Have any baby name suggestions for us? How did you narrow down your baby name search?