Monday, November 1, 2010

Baby Names?!?!

Hello My Loves! :)

I just wanted to update you guys. In my last post I mentioned that we'd find out the sex of our baby and a few weeks ago we found out that....

I didnt really have a preference, but hubby wanted a boy so, he is on top of the world and of course I am happy too! :)

It's funny because when we got married, even before marriage, we talked about baby names. There weren't too many that we agreed on, but we had a few. Now that its a reality, its even harder to agree on names. Lol. For me its sort of like, this is someone's name that they have to carry for the rest of their lives and I really dont want to screw this up.

One thing we have agreed on is the fact that we want him to have hubby's initials which are E.A.G. So, Ive been researching "E" names, but we still havent come to an agreement. I know we have a few months and I'm sure we will decide on something, but right now, we have NOTHING! Well I mean there are names that I like that hubby is iffy about and there are names that he likes that I am iffy about. For now, I refer to him as Lil' Eazy (hubby's nick name is Eazy).

Have any baby name suggestions for us? How did you narrow down your baby name search?


  1. I started listing names even before I met my Hubby. I love one name but Hubby doesn't like it at all.

    Do you what an original name or a traditional one?

    E= Elia, is very nice name but I don't know the meaning.

  2. Aww! Congrats on the baby BOY! It was SUPER hard for my husband and I to agree on a name. I searched the internet for MONTHS looking for a name, and we ended up picking one that I said AS A JOKE! I still can't believe that. But now that we've decided on it, it's perfect.

    Names that start with an E that I like are:


  3. Names are oh so difficult. I want something unique, and hubby wants something traditional. Good thing we have 24 weeks left to decide. Congrats on a boy!

  4. Congratulations!!!

    Wow, You are having a boy :)

    You still have time to find the perfect name that you both agree on. We only just decided on a boy and girls name only days before. Not that I recommend that. We thought we liked a girls name and then changed our mind and had to come up with something else.

    Because you know you are having a boy and that you would like a name starting with the Letter 'E' that should narrow it down a lot already.

    We just searched around on Google for a while and wrote down the names we liked from baby name sites.

    Do you have any idea what sort of name you would like?
    For us we wanted something unique (like Melissa was saying above :) Deciding on either a traditional or unique name will also help narrow your search.

    Also if you want specific culture/country name for us we were searching Greek names but ended up with a German version of a Greek boys name and a Roman/Hebrew name for a girl.

    Hope that helps :)

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  7. Evander
    Efraim (is that how u spell it?)
    Evan (love it)
    Elmo (just kidding)

    A middle names



    I say you screw the EAG initials and go for DAG

    Daniel Aiden Greene


    Daniel is a wonderful name :)


  8. @msbabyplan - I want something unique. I like names like Elijah, but that is way too common. Elia is a nice name as well! Thanks for the suggestion.

    @MrsV - LOL. Isnt that funny? Well im glad u guys came up with something! Do you plan to reveal the name? Thanks for your suggestions!

    @Melissa - LOL 24 weeks isnt that long! But im sure u ll find something in no time! Thanks! :)

    @Paul & Sarah - Thanks for the reassurance. I know we have some time, thats why I m not THAT worried. Yeah, we want something unique and origin doesnt really matter.

    @Dani - You are truly a FOOL! Lol, thanks for ur suggestions. So ur son will be named Daniel and your daughter will be named Johnisha? LOL ghetto!

    Thanks Jalal and unknown for the sites! I got some good ideas from there! :)

  9. OOOOH I love Elijah or Emmanuel. I like Biblical names so I think that is why I love those. I love the commenter that said Aiden as a middle name. That one is beautiful.

  10. Awwww your so cute n preggo Im 33 wkd and 4 days can't wait boys are so much fun to shop for have fun with it!:D

  11. Congratulations on your little miracle. I like the name

    Edward Andrew

    But since I know you want unique it is probably too common.

    Can't wait to hear the name you select!


  12. Congrats! I have a son and hoping #3 is a You have the cutest baby belly.

    I like the name Eamon Anthony.

    It's not too common yet probably not unique enough either. I can't wait to hear what you and the hubby decide!

    :) Bri

  13. Ok So Jean says:

    Everett ( this is his fave, he's like; Everett Green.. Perfect)

    Me- I'm still workin on suggestions. so happy for you!!!!

  14. I knew a cutie in my kindergarten class named Emmerson. I've always liked the name.


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