Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm Not Myself & Whose Body Is This?

Hellllo Everyone!!

I know, I know. It has been like 5 weeks since I last updated and I sincerely apologize. I definitely have not been myself as of late and alot of things have taken a seat on the back burner - including blogging. I have even gone weeks at a time without even logging in to catch up on everyone else's blog.

Nevertheless, I wanted to give you guys a quick update of whats been going on with me! Today marks the end of my 12th week of my pregnancy! We have definitely come a long way. The last time I updated, I told you about the nausea, etc. Well that is still going on. But, I must say that I do have some periods of relief, whereas in the past few weeks it has been an all day thing. Also, I haven't thrown up in like 10 days (whooo hoo! That is a milestone for me!)

We have gotten to hear the green bean's heart twice already. I had an ultrasound done at about 8 weeks because my uterus appeared to be large. We found out that I do have little uterine fibroids, which shouldn't pose a problem, but they will be monitoring it. Then I heard our bean's heartbeat at my last OB appt when I was 10 weeks pregnant. So far so good! :)

I just cant wait to get back to my old self....

...I haven't been cooking, I haven't been cleaning, I haven't been grocery shopping. Well I haven't been doing these things as much as I should and want to. Thankfully, my hubby pitches in alot where I have been lacking. He's been a good housewife! :) However, he is rather busy with work and school... so I need to get on the ball ASAP! I am so grateful for him - he has been SO patient with me!

...I couldn't tell you when was the last time I made it to work on time (I thank God for such an understanding boss and supportive coworkers). There have actually been days where I couldn't make it in, but thankfully I can do some work from home.

... I have been rescheduling my hair appointments. I should have gotten my hair done last week Wednesday. But I'll continue having not-so-good hair days until I feel well enough to sit in a salon for hours. Right now, after work - the only thing I was is my bed and that's exactly what has been happening.

My Body...

... is not my own! LOL. First of all, whose breasts are these? My breasts have definitely increased in size over the last few weeks and my body looks totally different to me. It is definitely interesting to see the transformation. And of course, my tummy is starting to getting a little more round and pudgy. In any other instance I would be totally devastated, but I am happy, blessed and grateful that through all these changes - our baby is thriving, surviving and now moving!! :) (so I've read)

I will need to start shopping real soon. I hope I start to feel up to it!

I hope to update more often than every 5 weeks! According to my research (and what people have told me), these symptoms should start to fade away soon. Praying for the best! :) Belly pics soon to come!

Looking forward to reading your tips and advice! :)


  1. I have no tips but I pray things get better for you!!!!

  2. Welcome back! I'm SO glad that things are going well. You're right at the start of the "honeymoon" period. It snuck up on me, one day I didn't feel nauseous by my coworkers lunch, the next day I woke up and didn't feel exhausted, and the next day I actually stayed awake long enough to see the sun go down. LOL! And now, for the most part, I feel like myself. Hang in there, it'll get better. Hugs!!!!

  3. Hope you start feeling better soon. When did you first start feeling bad? I'm 6 1/2 weeks and just have some mild nausea off and on. I'm hoping to dodge the morning sickness bullet.

  4. WE miss you! Can you come out to play, please?

  5. Hey Hai! Yeah so I see that a lot of answers to the questions I text are here. I've been slacking. So you see that even after you have the baby you have to do some time adjusting.. Love reading your posts and I pray to keep up

  6. I just joined your blog today and it's great! I'm 15 weeks pregnant (with my third) and I promise you it does get easier and it's absolutely worth it! I wish you all the best through this amazing journey called motherhood.



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