Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maternity Leaving Coming To A Close

Sooo, my last day of work was February 18th and I return to work on July 5th.

I don't know where the time has gone. :(

July 5th is about a month away and while to some that may seem like a long time, I realize how time flies and I need to start my preparations from NOW!

So far:

*I have spoken to someone about childcare for Ezaias.

*I have started pumping daily (well I try to do it daily) to build my milk stash.

*I have started Ezaias on a more consistent schedule and actually established a "bedtime" for him.

*I have set up a time to speak with my boss about my return.

I will be meeting with my boss this Friday and I have an idea of what I want to talk to him about (Like me working half time, but getting paid for full time. No? Not gonna work?).  But I am also curious to hear about the changes in the company and the plans he has going forward.

What are some things I should consider when returning to work - that I might want to mention to my boss?  Can you share anything with me about your return to work? What were your challenges?


  1. One thing that I didn't do (and wish that I did) was request that my first week back at work be flexible. Even though I had prepped before my first day, I should have told them I'd come in an hour late. I had a list of last minute things to go over with the daycare provider, I wanted to nurse Yorlee before I left for the day, and give her extra kisses, and I just didn't want to feel rushed.

    Also, see if you can work half days for the first week. Or at least the first three days. I made the mistake of expecting myself to just come back working 40 hour weeks, no problem, and it wasn't that easy. If you could work from 10-2, that'd be great, it give you time to get used to pumping in the morning, get the baby settled at daycare, go to work, and get off early to see that sweet baby again.

    Also, MAKE SURE YOU PUMP, PUMP, PUMP at work. Don't let anything distract you. I didn't, and my supply takned, causing me to have to supplement, and eventually I stopped pumping at work and only nurse Yorlee when I'm home with her.

    Hope this helps! :)

  2. My company was very family friendly, at first, so the first week was not bad at all. I think your to-do list of things covers pretty much everything. Pump as much as you can now, because once you return to work, that may be more of a challenge, I know it was for me. I would often forget to pump or not pump long enough because the time would seem to go by so slowly. As a result, my milk supply dwindled. I was able, however, to get things back to the levels they once were when I started working from home.

    Other than pumping, just make sure that your childcare is "squared away." I struggled finding child care in the beginning. At first my mom was watching my daughter, who was then six months, but she had to return to work, so things became, well, complicated, very complicated. I did eventually get part time care, but that wasn't enough, not nearly enough. A big result of not having enough childcare was that I ended up doing so much that I was stressed out, big time. To make a long story short, I ended up leaving my job and am now a sahm. (sigh) Sorry for the novel. Feel free to email me with any questions that you may have. My email is mommyhoodnextright@gmail.com. Talk to you soon!

    p.s. And, thanks for contacting me on Twitter. I'm now following you there and here on your blog. I look forward to getting to know you better.

  3. Oh thanks so much ladies! Your comments were really helpful! I talked to my boss about some of those thing Mrs. V, but I'll be sure to address everything before I return.

    I actually wont be the one dropping him off in the morning, so that should save me a little time! And as far as going over things with the sitter, I will be at her home a week before I return to work to go over things. I am such a planner and wouldnt want to wait to do that.

    Thanks for the advice on pumping as well. I am not pumping too much now, I just dont want to feel stressed by it! So once a day is what I'll do and when I get back to work, I'll aim for twice a day! I just dont want it to be stressful. I'm just gonna do what I can!

    Thanks again ladies!!

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  5. The ladies have given you good advice. I would add just a few things.

    1. When you pick Little E up from daycare, nurse him then. It will be great for bonding. Ask the daycare provider to time his feeds so he's ready for you when you pick him up.
    2. Since you are only pumping once a day as you build up a supply, pump first thing in the morning before you nurse Little E. Your supply is greatest then and you will have enough for the baby.
    3. Pack everything the night before. I can't tell you how many times I didn't do this and then got to work and realized I had forgotten the pump or parts or something else. Likewise, you might want to get multiple parts of the pump pieces. I think I have 4 sets so if I don't get to wash everything daily, I'm still set.
    4. Take everything to the daycare provider at least a week at a time. That way you don't have to worry about forgetting this or that.

  6. Awww! Time sure does fly fast.

    I took lots of mental notes from this post/those comments for my own return to work in August.

  7. I concur with everything that was said lol


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