Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guess Who's Two Months?

Yesterday, we took Ezaias for his 2 month check up! I must admit, I went to the appointment a little nervous because I knew he had to get some shots! The appointment went well though.  The nurse came in and weighed him and my little chunkster now weighs 10 lbs, 11 oz after being born 5 lbs, 8 oz (what a shrimp - as his daddy called him! lol).

Here are a few pics daddy snapped of him while we waited for the nurse to come back to give him his shots: 

Lol, no he hadn't gotten his shots yet - he was just fussy :(
However, after he received his shots, he did cry, but for just a minute or two and he was ok! And so was I! LOL. He didnt develop a fever, nor was he fussy for the entire day. He was just extremely tired. I feel like he slept ALL day!

What has your experience been with your children's shots? Have your children ever appeared sleepy afterwards?


  1. Yorlee slept like a rock after she had her 2 month shots. She goes in for her 4 months ones tomorrow, hopefully she does well. My husband is taking her by himself, I'm nervous for both of them!

    Lil E is such a cutie pie!!!

  2. Your son is sooooo handsome! Ariana had a reaction 3 hours after her first set of shots when she started crying and wouldn't stop. But she hasn't had any problems since then and the last 2 times she didn't cry at all.

  3. Oh my word. He's such a cute lil munchkin!!!

  4. HOW cute is that little man!? I am cracking up at that last picture! Lol.

    I'm dreading Zavier's 2 month shots. I already know I'm going to cry if he does. :(

  5. My son is always a little sleepier after getting
    His shots ..

    Ezaias is sooo cute!

    Are your nails green? I love that!
    I've been wanting to do it for a while but I'm afraid
    I can't pull it off.

  6. @Mrs. V Thanks so much!! :) I just read your post and it seems like they both did well!

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  8. Thanks ladies for the wonderful comments!!! I really appreciate it :)

    Demetrius' Mommy... yes, my nails are green! Lol thanks. I always do bright colors on my nails - well, very often! I got blue and orange this time! I think you should do it and let me know when you do!!! :)

  9. Speaking of appointments you just reminded me to make my daughters 18 month appointment.

    She's only had fever after her 9 month check up. Every other time she's had shots she was fine aside from sore thighs. She actually still has a small lump in one thigh from her last round of shots I just noticed yesterday.

    Your little boy is such a cutie. Makes me want one for myself lol


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