Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Ultimate Blog Party - 2011

Hello Everyone!! :)

I am excited to be participating in this year's Blog Party.  I have never participated in one before, so I am looking forward to building new friendships, finding new great blogs and perhaps winning a prize [or 2 :)]!

I originally started this blog in June of 2010 in anticipation of being a mom. In my first post I discussed how my husband and I were "ready" to expand our family.  We had been married for about a year and 2 months by that time. Although, we had no idea how long that would take, I wanted to blog about my journey.

A few posts and one month later, I announced in this post that I was PREGNANT!!! 8 short months later, we welcomed Ezaias Ahmad Green into this world.  Feel free to read my birth story!

My husband and I are brand new parents to a nearly 6 week old baby boy! I presume this blog will turn into a blog about my experiences in motherhood.

I must admit that I dont blog as much as I'd like to, but I am working on that and hope to improve!

Apparently, I need to re-design my blog as we are no longer "waiting" :) 

Looking forward to blogging with you! I hope that you follow my blog and/or sign up to receive my posts via email (you may do so at the top of the right hand column --->).


  1. I'm hopping over from UBP11 to say hi and I see that congratulations are in order! What a blessing!!

    I have a 5 year old and a 10 month and take it from me that time flies and the little beans you hold in your arms will soon become saplings and before you know it you will have plants beside you! :)

    Do hop over and say hi when you have the time


    Marina :)

  2. Too funny about updating your blog design!

    New google friend follower!

    Nice to ‘meet’ you!
    Stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Party 2011!
    Hope you’ll visit my party:

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your design (even though you are not waiting anymore)!

  4. Hi! I’m belatedly stopping by from the UBP. Nice to meet you! I am a new follower.
    Congrats on your new baby! That's wonderful : )

    I have two blogs, and I’d love for you to stop by when you get a minute. Thanks! (A free giveaway every weekday) (Family blog)

  5. Congratulations to the beautiful news on your birth :). I am so happy for you and your husband :). Enjoy the baby.


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