Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How Many Kids Do You Want?

I think this is a very common question! I know that I've asked it plenty of times and many people have asked me this question plenty of times as well.  Obviously, hubby and I have discussed it.

..... hmmm

So... I want 2 kids and he.....

..... Uh.. Lol, he wants FOUR!

Now clearly we have a problem. I guess we could compromise and have 3, but neither are too fond of the idea of having an odd number of children. Lol, wierd huh?

Well here's my argument:
  1. We're both already 25. When will we have 4 kids? Its like I'd have to be pregnant every other year for the next 10 years in order to have all of our kids before I'm 35. This might work if I'm able to stay home and not work for the next 10 years ( which we'll discuss later), but how likely is that?
  2. I want my children to have more than I did and be better off that I was. If we have 4, we wont be able to dedicate as much time as we'd like to to each child and there will be certain things that we'll have to sit out of because we cant afford it because we have a tribe! LOL
I mean, I could go on for days about why I think "less is more" in this situation, but honestly none of us can predict the future. I definitely dont know what's going to happen. I will be eternally grateful for whatever God blesses me with. So if its 4 kids - I am ready for that challenge!

Hubby and I have had plenty of debates about this, but I dont think its worth arguing over, because whats meant to be will be and Im excited to see what it will be! ;) (even if its an odd number, lol)

Now how many kids do you think hubby would want if he had to carry them AND go through labor? LOL

What are your thoughts? How many children do you plan on having? Have plans changed over time? Spill the beans!


  1. I don't want many kids. Sometimes I don't think I want any. LOL Hopefully whoever I marry don't want no more than two. I can't handle (even though I never been) being pregnant too much. No way.

  2. I was an only child for so long, and I always said I wanted 2 kids, one that I'd birth, and 1 that I'd adopt. My man wants three (because his mama had 3 ::eyeroll::) I've given in. We're going to have two naturally (god I'm prayin for twins) and adopt 1.

  3. If I could afford to stay home and raise them myself and give them the things I had growing up, I would have about four and maybe even adopt an additional one. Given our finances, to give them the life we want to, I think we're doing two max.

  4. Thankfully my husband and I came to a mutual agreement pretty easily. Due to the fact that I'm youngest of five, and he was an only child until he was almost 16, we've decided to have two. But we're going to see how this first one goes. He didn't like spending most of his childhood being an only child, and I loved having the attention of all my siblings. Thank you for your comment on my blog! You are truly a ray of sunshine! I hope your TTC journey is brief, once I figured out when I was ovulating, it happened VERY quickly. I was always told 14 days before your period was when you are fertile, but it wasn't the case for me, I didn't ovulate until the 19th or 20th day of my cycle.

  5. The DH and I have agreed to 4, lol! I'm like your husband, I want lots of kids! I grew up with one sister - that I adore - and I wish I had more siblings to enjoy now that we're grown. The DH grew up with 5 siblings and only wanted 2 kids. Until I convinced him :) I want three homegrown and one adopted. Or whatever God see's fit, I'm submitting to His plan with that :) Looking forward to more from your blog! I'll be living through you, I'm likely years away from my pregnancy journey.

  6. Thank you for your comment on my blog! I used Answer OPKs. They were fairly cheap, they give you 30 for $20. I look forward to reading about your journey!

  7. I don't have a number, my boo came from a big family so I'm sure he wants at least 3 or 4. I just want them to be happy and healthy- and want to adopt at least one. I'm an only child so I guess I would have to say at least two.

  8. PS- We have something in common, I'm also a liturgical dancer.

  9. Well when I first came aware of having kids or what not, my mindset was always "How ever many kids my husband wants".. NOW!! Pssh... I think I would settle for two or its safe to say how ever many kids God decides to bless me with...

  10. I thought I responded to this post cause I read it long ago. But maybe I didn't respond cause I knew you know how many kids Gabe and I want.. But it comes down to "how many we can afford" .. And then I still want to adopt.. You?


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