Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Birthday's On Independence Day! Will AF Ruin It?

I was inspired to write this post for two reasons:
  1. I'm praying that AF (Aunt Flo) will not show up on or before my birthday!
  2. Jen @ The Baby Making Machine had a few concerns about her daughter being born on July 4th.

Now if this is not "our month" and AF comes on time, it is likely that it'll come on or around my birthday. I am praying that if it's coming, it stays away until at least July 5th. Oh no, maybe July 6th, lol because I'm off on the 5th and want to enjoy my day off! AF coming on my birthday would mean a yucky, crampy day and also NO BIRTHDAY SEX! Lol :) Yeah, I know I wont be nearing ovulation then, but I'd like to make sure I have some fun with hubby anyway!

Now I've always loved the fact that my birthday was on Independence Day.  I always get a "WOW" reaction when I tell people that I was born on July 4th. I also used to like think that there was such a huge celebration on MY birthday! I remember as a child saying "They're doing fireworks for me!!" :) Also, Ive never had to work or go to school on my birthday. Plus NO ONE forgets when my birthday is. It has just always felt like a great day to have a birthday!

In reading Jen's blog, she mentioned that she may have to induce labor on July 3rd. She also tweeted:

I responded to her saying many of the things I said earlier.

So I just want to encourage her that the day that Lil' J is born will be perfect (Im sure she knows that already)! And prayerfully Lil J and I will be able to share a birthday! :)

I hope that you all have enjoyed your weekend thus far!


  1. I hope AF stays away!! And I also believe that having a July 4th birthday is awesome!

  2. Very honest, I love it! lol
    I'm actually glad my birthday doesn't fall on a Holiday- but I guess if I had a choice I would choose July 4th. That means free bbqs, people in from out of town and fireworks! I'm not too far away from you though... 7-10! So happy early bday and I hope AF stays away too!


  3. I agree with Tracey. If I had to pick a holiday, it would be the 4th of July. Having fireworks for your birthday every year has got to be a ego booster, LOL. Good luck with getting your birthday sex in. Hopefully AF doesn't show up at all because it's your month!! (Oh my gosh, I just scrolled back up to the card and noticed the old man's little pecker standing up, LOL!!!)

  4. Hey Mrs. Green! I gave you an award, come over and check it out!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Independence Day!!! Have a great time and I hope AF stayed away.

  6. Happy Birthday :-) (mine was on the 2nd)I'm a new subscriber to your blog. I look forward to seeing more of your posts :-)

    Happy 4th too.

  7. Yeah.. I'm glad she didn't come and thank that green bean for it! Yeah I use to tell ppl that I was suppose to be born on July 4th but came a week later lol.. Luckily my bday has a rhyme to it and I fell in love with that (not to mention its my favorite corner store lol). Love ur post!

  8. LOL- Don't laugh @ me but until like 2 seconds ago, I thought A. Flo was a real woman!!

    I've never heard it referred to A. Flo! It was always just a "friend" in town.., etc. lol

    Joke is on me!

  9. PS- I'm obviously not a careful reader, b/c in your post you specifically say "it" plenty of times.


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