Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LOQ - Left Over Queen

On my first date with hubby, I remember telling him that I'm a cheap date. I simply meant that you can take me on a date and share a plate with me and I'd be fine - I dont eat that much! Also, I'm not the type to order the most expensive thing on the menu. That hasnt changed! :)

A habit that I have developed over the years is to eat small meals and snacks and through out the day.  I believe that is very important important in maintaining one's weight - especially for someone like me who goes through periods of time where I get too lazy busy to work out. LOL hmph!

Now, when I go out to eat I ALWAYS have leftovers. I just dont eat that much! I went to Bahama Breeze this weekend with a few friends. Now would you believe I got FOUR MEALS out of that one meal that I ordered at Bahama Breeze? I just finished it today! Lol, some people look at me wierd when I tell them stuff like this. I love it b/c I still get to eat what I want (I just have to make sure I watch my proportions) and I get to stretch my money!

Now, I really hope that whenever God blesses me with a a child that I can keep up these keep eating habits during pregnancy. Lol, what do you think?

I have this great fear of not being able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, so I'm praying that I will be able to stick to some of the habits that I've had for a while - if not all!

P.S. I sometimes even eat my boss's leftovers because he doesnt eat leftovers. Like buddy - you're missing out. LOL

What kind of eating habits did you have during pregnancy? How do you feel about leftovers? Lol


  1. LOL. I am the anti-leftover. I never finish my meal in one sitting, but if it's not eaten by the next day, I won't touch it again (just ask the Cinna Stix from Dominos and that last slice of pizza that is sitting in the fridge) My husband eats my leftovers and when I say "Heeeeeyyy, I was gonna eat that." He says, no you weren't; and he's usually right. I feel you on the fear of not regaining pre-pregnancy weight. My biggest fear is my tummy looking like mush, but I'll take the scars to hold my precious baby.

  2. I adore leftovers!!! I think they are a great way to stretch food and money!

  3. Hey! Sorry, I just got your post about the OPKs, the website is http://www.freeopks.com/ but like I said it took a couple months before I received them! Good luck to you, looking forward to follow your journey!
    As far as leftovers, I'm not a huge fan, depends on what it is, but my husband for sure will eat them he hates to see things go to waste!

  4. I loooove leftovers! My favorite is the local chinese place, three meals, minimum!

  5. Hey there!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I have to say, I am ALL about the left-overs - that's basically what my fridge is made-up of these days. They go fast though, thankfully my hubby doesn't want anything to spoil!

  6. I am definitely a leftover person!! food seems to taste better the following day for some odd reason. As far as my eating habits during preganancy,they didn't seem to change much. I didn't crave things that I never ate before. I would just eat the same thing constantly. For example, I would eat shrimp for two weeks straight for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (YES, I said breakfast lol)or I would want cuban patties all day long. Surprinsgly enough I gained the right amount of weight during my pregnancy. My only problem now is getting the weight off :-(

  7. I can't eat leftovers like that. You good. I think you won't gain much because of your eating habits now.

  8. ROFL .. Girl we are so alike. I love leftovers. I love cooking a big meal Sunday and having it til Tuesday or Wednesday. It gives the flavor time to marinate lol.. But yes you can keep up these habits (SN: the first couple weeks after having Riyya I craved sweets, but I was home a lot and sweets were easiest to grab, so get out!) .. But that's about it. I'm sure you'll get back into shape after the pregnancy


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