Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Saliva Can Kill Sperm?! Say What?!

Soooooo. I came across a something on the Internet last week or so that said that "saliva can kill sperm". WHAT?! Are you serious?! (That was my reaction)  At that moment I didn't have time to do more research on it, but later on I did. Sometimes I swear the Internet is the devil, LOL, so tempting yet so confusing. In my research, I found a few different things.  I guess that's what we can expect on the Internet because there are so many different resources and so many different interpretations.  In addition, there is ongoing scientific research and new findings - constantly!

Now Hubby and I don't use any type of artificial lubrication such as KY-Jelly or Pre-Seed. We use NATURAL lubrication and/or SALIVA - go figure!

So, I just wanted to share with you some of the things that I have found: 
It's true that saliva contains bacteria that could contaminate an ejaculate, but if you go down on your wife before penetration, I doubt there would be enough saliva on the head of your penis to interfere with conception.
Ok whew! I don't think I can deal with him not going down on me. LOL! :)
There have been many studies done on what influences sperm survival. And most studies show that saliva can have a negative effect on sperm. If he has enough sperms then it's unlikely to make a major difference, but if he has a low sperm count then you need every single sperm.
Well, we don't know if hubby has a low sperm count, but I'm trusting God that he doesn't! 
Saliva has digestive enzymes in it that stop sperm from swimming on contact—not so good if you want them to reach the egg!
Ehhhh. Ok. I guess.

My take on it: I figure that one single ejaculate contains millions of sperm and we need just ONE of those to fertilize my egg. I don't plan on stopping my normal course of activity in fear of killing my husband's sperm. I mean... would you?!

So have you heard or read about this before? What are your thoughts? I'm dying to know! LOL


  1. We didn't stop immediately but when we found out that I had issues, we definitely switched methods during peak times ;-)

  2. I have heard of this. I can't remember where I read it at, though. We use preseed because I am that person who needs every. single. sperm. LOL

  3. PreSeed = AMAZING. We use Pre' even now as our "go to lube" because it's the only kind that doesn't irritate my kitty. But we tried to conceive for nine cycles before we used PreSeed and the one cycle we used it is the one we got pregnant on. It's amazing stuff!!!

  4. I never heard this!! When time comes for us to start trying there will be no saliva involved!

  5. Hey...I'm new around here...love the blog layout and the name is so fitting & very creative! I must say though, that the yellow links are a bit harsh on the eyes.

    I've never heard of this before, but it is interesting, it's funny how you say "normal course of activity"...may I ask where you found those answers?

  6. What a great blog. I know about the sperm killer saliva, lol. I am you new follower, I hope you will follow me back.

  7. Wow. I have never heard this. I am out of the baby making bizness but this is good to know for trivia's sake. LOL!

  8. Wow.. Well I'm good there. No wonder I get pregnant so fast lol jk.. Um well it didn't stop u from having ur green bean so I'll keep that in mind lol

  9. HAHAHA I am weak for some reason. Man you learn something new everyday.

  10. what if you dont use alot of saliva does it still kills the sperms

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