Monday, May 16, 2011

Benefits of Babywise

As mentioned in previous posts, I read the book "On Becoming Babywise" and have researched other parent direct schedule technique and have really benefited from the knowledge that I  have gained.  There have been many benefits, but I will just share five with you today.

We are able to assess Ezaias' needs much better.

Previously, when Ezaias cried or became fussy, it was always a guessing game. Maybe he's hungry, maybe he's tired, maybe he's hot, maybe he's cold, maybe he has gas and the list goes on.  Now since we're on a flexible schedule, I can look at the clock when he cries or fusses and assess his needs much better and quicker than before.  (For example) Is it time to eat? Is it time to nap?  By no means is everything perfect.  There are still times when we're just not  sure, but interpreting his cries is now MUCH easier.

We know what's coming next.

Previously, I would be on edge and not be able to relax or get things done because I just wasn't sure what Ezaias' next move would be. It was always like - Is he going to wake up soon? Is he going to be hungry soon? Do I have to do the dishes? Do I have time to workout?
Now I have an idea of how long he will be asleep, when he will need to eat and how long he will be awake so I can plan accordingly and go throughout my day more confidently and relaxed.

He goes down (sometimes) without a fuss.

When Ezaias starts to get fussy and we know it's naptime/bedtime.  we put him down so that he can go to sleep.  There are times that we put him down and he doesn't make a sound and drifts off to sleep, but there are also times where he'll do his sleepy cry (as I like to call it). You know the cry that sounds like a whimper? The cry where it sounds like they're just too tired to cry, but they're trying to anyway? LOL He does this sometimes for a minute or two and then drifts off. However, he does have his moments where he really really cries heavily when we put him down and I think this happens when his schedule has been thrown off throughout the day, so by this time he is just totally cranky and irritable.  In these moments we do take him out of his crib and comfort him, but after that he usually takes no time to fall asleep (once back in his crib).

I am not always offering the breast.

Now don't get me wrong, I love breastfeeding, especially now that we've gotten the hang of it.  But I also know that many mother's become overwhelmed with breastfeeding especially in the beginning because they feel that that's all they are doing - breastfeeding!  When Ezaias was just born and in the first two months of his life, I found myself nursing very often.  Every time he cried, I was nursing him in an effort to sooth him and comfort him. Now that I interpret his cries much better, I am not just popping the boob in his mouth to shut him up.  Instead, I am tending to his ACTUAL needs. (I believe having him sleep in his own bed has helped with this too, but that's for another post.)

He is sleeping through the night!!! Hallelujah!!!

Now this may or may not be attributable to Babywise or any of the other research I've done on parent directed schedules because I have also read that some babies are just great sleepers and some babies start sleeping through the night eventually no matter what you do. However, Ezaias has been sleeping 8-9 hours at night.  Sometimes, I have had to wake him up and I wonder how much longer he would have slept had I not woken him up! (I believe having him sleep in his own bed has helped with this too.)

**By no means do I judge or knock others for the things they do with their children and what may work for their families.  However, I am just sharing with you what has been working for us!**

If following a parent direct schedule, what benefits have you noticed? Do you know anyone who follows such a schedule?


  1. My sister has been using the baby wise guidelines and has been very happy with it. I had a flexible schedule and it worked well, my kids are older, 12, 9, and 6. When my first two were little there was a book called the baby whisper who was into listening to the baby and having a schedule so the both of you had a good idea of what to expect, I liked it, and I felt the same way you do, the kids seemed to respond to having at least an idea of what to expect out of the day! What beautiful children you have!! I found you on it is a great community of women and I have really enjoyed my time there, if you get a chance with all the spare time you have (lol!!) check it out!! I love your site and am now a happy follower, I look foward to reading more!

  2. Thanks for the comment! I am glad to see that you and your sister have had success with such schedules. It is very encouraging!! :)

    Thanks so much for visiting and I am now following you as well!!

  3. After hearing the advice of our pediatrician, we chose not to put my son on a schedule, other than bed time. I know that a lot of parents benefit from putting their children on a schedule. But for us, it works great. He sleeps through the night. I follow his queues when he's getting sleepy. The only time he usually cries if he's hungry.


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