Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Watch Ezaias Grow (3 months Old)!!

I follow many blogs and I love how my mommy bloggers document their babies month-by-month progress.  I would like to jump on the bandwagon now,  and although I'm a little late, I think it's such a cute idea and a great way to remember the milestones in your baby's life.  Lord knows I can barely remember what happened in the first two months! LOL. My latest inspiration came from my blogger friend JeLisa over at ...And They Lived Blogging Ever After. Check her WONDERFUL blog out!

Here are pictures from the first two months:

Papa Lindo,

You are three months old today (5.27.11)! Here is a look at how you have changed and have grown this past month!

You mostly wear 0-3 months.  Some are still big on you.

You started the month off in size 1's. Now you 1-2's seem a little snug.  I hope you finish the box though because we have alot! LOL

You are mostly breastfed.  You only get bottles when mommy has to leave you home with daddy or when we go out and I know it will be very inconvenient to breast feed you.  What started out as a challenge, has now become a pleasure. I love nursing you! :)

You are sleeping very well. Your naptimes and bedtimes are awesome (well, when you're home in your own bed).  Mommy and Daddy are getting lots of rest too!

Other Highlights:

You now laugh, talk and smile with us.

You enjoy bath time.

You started to suck your thumb - mainly at nap and bed times.

We started you on "Your Baby Can Read".

We implemented some things from BabyWise into lives.

You laugh and smile when I read to you.

You enjoy playing by yourself and talking to yourself.

You are trying to sit up.

You have begun to smile at me while nursing.

Your hands are constantly in your mouth.

You started sleeping in your crib and you are doing a great job with that.

You are sleeping through the night!!! 8, sometimes 9 hours. It would probably be longer if I didn't wake you to eat. THIS is amazing!

Your daddy adores you. And so do I.

What do you remember about your child's third month? Do any of the things I mentioned ring a bell? If your baby is younger than 3 months, what do you look forward to?

[I'm not sure why there are so many spaces in my post. Annoying much? I'm going to try to work on it. Sorry :( ]


  1. Wow!!! What a doll! They grow so quickly!!! I remember that at 3 months each of my kids seemed more settled. I love this age because you really start to see their personality develop! I love the picture of the baby with daddy! Your husband looks so happy! Enjoy!!!

  2. Aww, a shout out! Thanks love. :)

    This was so sweet to read. Ezaias' smile is so gorgeous! I can't believe he's sleeping so well at night - Zavier is still waking up every couple hours to nurse, sometimes more. How is "Your Baby Can Read"? I was considering picking it up, but wasn't sure...

    P.S. Yet another parallel - Zavier has an orange hoodie that looks a lot like the one Ezaias is wearing in that first photo. Zavier's is a Rock Star one that came with a onesie/pants {from Target}. I think that's the same outfit Ezaias is wearing! Zavier's was newborn size though, so he's outgrown it. *Sniff, sniff.*

  3. What a cutie! Isn't it amazing at how fast they grow and how quickly they develop? My son was early, so he wasn't doing a lot of this at three months, but my daughter was. Both kids started sucking fingers at this age, I think. It's nice to know they have that kind of soothing skill!

    Following you from voiceBoks - a great community of bloggers and parents. If you get a chance, check us out!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. @Kathy - Thanks so much!! I am loving this stage so much too and loving motherhood.

    @JeLisa - No problem my dear!! :) and thank YOU. Im sure you can imagine how I feel when he smiles/laughs. Yes, I cant believe it either, but I am so glad for a LONG night's rest. Hopefully Zavier starts to sleep through the night soon!

    My dad bought "Your Baby Can Read" for him and um, I'm not sure how it is yet. LOL, I mean right now Im just letting him watch the videos(as the instructions say to do). So we'll see what happens over the next few weeks. I'll let you know if there's anything worth reporting.

    LOL!!! Yep and that outfit came from Target and is also a new born outfit!! Loving the parallels :)

    @GJT Thanks so much!!! It is so amazing. Lol are your kids still sucking their fingers?? And yes, I love that he self-soothes.

    I will be visiting your blog!! :)

  5. look at that adorable little chunk!!! YUM! I remember at three months my little guy started sleeping through the night. Whoa, was I thankful for that!


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